Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Niguel's first day of school

It was Niguel's first day of school. In the line Niguel met a unicorn called Norbert.

In class the teacher, Mrs Phillips, introduced herself to the children.
 " Today children, we shall be learning how to count to ten. Does anybody know how to do that?" said Mrs Phillips. Suddenly...
" Sorry miss I'm late and my name is Squiddy" said the pink squid.
"Welcome Squiddy" said Mrs Phillips.
Niguel,Norbert and Squiddy instantly became friends.
" Next we shall be doing art" said Mrs Phillips.
 "Look at my painting Squiddy" said Niguel.
"Very impressive Niguel, 5 gold stars" said Mrs Phillips.
DRRRIIIING! the bell rang. It was playtime.
Humphrey the green triceratops was feeling lonely. Niguel offered to play with him but he didn't want to. In a corner Jasper the tiger was picking on Squeaky the mouse.
" Hey pipsqueak" said Jasper.

 "Hey leave Squeaky alone Jasper" said Niguel.
 "Why should I?"said Jasper.
"Because I'm telling on you" said Niguel.
 "Mrs Phillips Jasper was picking on Squeaky" said Niguel.
 "Jasper you're in trouble, don't do that again" said Mrs Phillips
Dddddrrrrrrriiingggg the bell rang for lunch time.
" mmm.... my favourite" said Squeaky.
After they ate, they cleaned up and said goodbye to Mrs Phillips.

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